Sex, Love & Other Stuff

Here’s a new booklet for young men – aged around 14 to 20 —- that talks about sex, relationships, power and respect.

It’s called Sex, Love and Other Stuff.

It has been specifically developed from what young men told us they wanted to know — stuff like, what a ‘relationship’ is, how to talk to girls, and about sex.

There’s quite a bit of info about how to give and get respect, how to communicate with a partner or someone you’re interested in. And there’s a checklist to suss out how respectful a relationship is.

Sex, Love and Other Stuff includes information on:

  • What respect is and what it looks like in a relationship?
  • What different sorts of relationships look like?
  • What girls want in a relationship?
  • How to check if someone wants to have sex
  • Statistics on young people, sex and relationships (like ‘How many are having sex or in relationships?’)
  • How to help a friend who has experienced violence
  • How to talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend or to a girl you like

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