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Respect - you gotta give it to get it

Respect checklist

Respect – you gotta give it to get it. Do this quiz to find out if you’re being respectful in your relationship. I laugh and have fun when I’m with my GF/BF I sometimes snoop and look at my GF/BF’s texts or through their stuff I worry that my GF/BF is cheating on me We’re [...]

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How to help a friend

What if you know something not right is going on in a relationship or a friend tells you the person they’re with is being violent?

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Guy and girl walking together

Talking to someone you like

When we talk or hang out I get this overwhelming feeling…We sometimes just sit in the hallways and talk and it’s like instant connection. (Kamal) Stuck on how to talk to someone you like? Hey, everyone gets nervous – even if it doesn’t show. The best way of letting someone know you like them isn’t [...]

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