Talking to someone you like

Guy and girl walking together

When we talk or hang out I get this overwhelming feeling…We sometimes just sit in the hallways and talk and it’s like instant connection. (Kamal)

Stuck on how to talk to someone you like?

Hey, everyone gets nervous – even if it doesn’t show. The best way of letting someone know you like them isn’t by teasing them or wolf whistling at them. Just talk to the person as if they’re a mate. (And remember, this works for texts and online conversations too)

  • Find out what they like and see if you like similar things
  • Ask them a question – what they think of a teacher at school or what they did on the weekend
  • Try to catch them whey they’re alone or in a smaller group
  • Think about why you want to talk to them and what you want to get out of the conversation
  • Know how you’re going to finish the conversation
  • If you get the feeling they’re uncomfortable, back off and think about talking to them another time
  • It’s normal to have some silences or embarrassed giggling – it doesn’t mean they don’t like you!

Remember, if they feel like you really respect them and actually want to talk to them, they’ll want to hang out with you.

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